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Daniel Fishman (piano teacher Yevgeny Morozov, Central NJ ) was awarded  The Carnegie Hall Royal  Conservatory Achievement  Program State Certificate of  Exellence in Level 3 Piano,  New Jersey, for obtaining the  highest mark in the  academic year 2011


to student of piano teacher in Central NJ, Yevgeny Morozov.

Bach: Polonaise
Daniel Fishman, live in concert.
Schare Recital Hall, Mason Gross Performing Arts Center (New Brunswick, NJ).

Clementi: Sonatina
Daniel Fishman, live in concert.
Schare Recital Hall, Mason Gross Performing Arts Center (New Brunswick, NJ).

DANIEL FISHMAN, student of piano teacher Yevgeny Morozov, has been awarded The Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program State Certificate of Excellence, New Jersey , for obtaining THE HIGHEST MARK IN ACADEMIC YEAR 2011 !

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Yevgeny Morozov

All students of Central NJ piano teacher Yevgeny Morozov have the opportunity to perform in annual concerts. Performing opportunities are optional, but highly encouraged.
Students also have the opportunity to perform at competitions or for the RCM, ABRSM and Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program exams.

Teaching Philosophy

Every child can and should learn music.
Get started now!

If you love piano and are willing to learn, I would love to teach you. You will not only taught how to play piano, but gain an understanding of the music theory and history behind the work that we study, will have the opportunity to perform at the annual studio recital, to participate in music festivals and piano contests. I know that with a good attitude, diligence you can achieve skills that enable you to continue your enjoyment of music throughout your lives, whether that will be as an avocation or as a profession.

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Your teacher's goal

Your teacher's desire is to inspire his students to genuinely love music, helping them not only to appreciate music, but to understand and create it as well. Talent development is the primary teacher's goal. I want my students to enjoy piano lessons, were successful in music and in their life generally.

Main fundamental principles

There are main fundamental principles that I follow when teaching my students:

  • Strong fundamentals are the basis on which all music education should be based. Note reading, which also includes BOTH the rhythm and the pitch, is the most important skill and should be taught from the very beginning if possible because it is also a root of proper practicing approach.
  • Setting higher standards for my students in order to achieve the best results. Music should be fun and satisfying, but it SHOULD NOT ALWAYS BE EASY!
  • Encouraging a student's creativity, critical thinking is a necessary condition for successful teaching.

Teaching approach

Studied piano repertoire repertoire is based on each students' interests and individual's learning abilities, as well as intrinsic music values of each piece. The tasks are selected not to be very easy for the student, but also not too hard. Particular attention is paid to those aspects of technique, music meaning and its interpretation, and history that will help students better understand and perform studied pieces.

Regular daily piano practicing is absolutely necessary to create musical skills. From the outset it is extremely important to teach students how to learn and practice properly. It should however be remembered that if you practice in the wrong way, you can do more harm than good. Proper, efficient learning and practicing takes less time and helps to reach the goals more quickly and successfully. On more advanced levels, practicing wrong can do more harm than good.

Family involvement in children's effort is very important. I will expect and appreciate parents' assistance and support. I am also pleased to welcome the presence of parents in the classroom.

Piano practicing

It is expected that students practice regularly and well; at least six days per week, in order to make significant progress. 20-45 minutes of practicing per day is appropriate for 5 and 6 year-olds and at least an hour per day for children 7 -9 year-olds.

Piano to practice

You must have a well maintained acoustic piano. It should be located in a quiet room away from distractions.

Parents' participation

Parents are encouraged to be involved in the child's learning. They are welcome to attend the lessons, actively participate in the lessons, taking notes as necessary. They are expected to guide their child as they practice at home. This is especially helpful for very young children.

Piano students performance opportunity

All of my students, beginners and advanced, will be offered the opportunity to play live, with one or two events organised per year. I also encourage students to participate in festivals and contests around the city or state.

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